fly away,

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I will be M.I.A from this blog in the mean time while this little project is underway. Hopefully I'll be back after this crazy 10 weeks of college is over and I have some extra time on my hands.

times fly,

one of my best friends (pictured above) invited me to come along and see his brother play at the metro. His brother is in a band called Georgia fair, they played so beautifully. I actually thought they were much better live than their recordings......and I think that's how it should be. 
when you go to see your favourite band, you don't want something inferior to that of the recording, you want it to sound better. I think this is really important and can really make or break a band. 
I feel this picture is a perfect representation of the gig, strangely taken hours after in a place that couldn't be more worlds apart. 

summer scents,

summer scents that have recently joined the family. 
Pulp is addictive, the only way I can explain this smell is...summer. Prada's rose is something completely new to me, but the turkish rose smell reminds me so much of turkey and greece I love it.

warm wind,

I absolutely love these first months of spring where the wind turns warm and you can wear bare legs and long sleeves without feeling too hot or cold.  
This dress was bought in bali last year, its my favourite girly dress and perfect for spring. 

rainbow smoke,

One of my favourite drawings i have ever done. 
Normally I hate what I draw a few days after, this was done on 2008 and I still love it. 


my magazine collection finally has a home, it's a shame all my beautiful books are still all over my floor though. 
Some magazines I collect; Russh, Oyster, I.D, Dazed & Confused, Vogue aus, Vogue paris, Harpar's, Yen and Frankie. plus a few more....
yes, I am insane. 


  My cousins wedding was on saturday, a traditional greek wedding with plentiful dancing. 


Marc Jacobs splash limited edition perfumes for $99, how can you go wrong?
They are perfect 'other' perfume for just random spritzing and the one bottle will last you SO long (I have had cucumber for like three years), the latest one bought is the ginger from the cocktail collection and I got a complementry mini bottle perfect for your handbag, which is refillable! Genius!!!
The only negative is that it doesn't last long so it's defiantly good for those times when you just need freshening up. 

white walls,

I wish my home had white walls, blank walls would also be helpful. Every single wall has photos or some other art on it and the only wall I can use is the most disgusting shade of yellow which is painful to edit out. 
This is my best friend Natalie's apartment, the lighting is perfecto and blank walls are everywhere! 


 I am desperate for some more warm weather to arrive. Sunshine, bare legs and colour! 
This is just a small inspirational post full of wishful thinking that this weather will turn beautifully warm sooner rather than later.

photo #1: vintage gucci shirt, shakuhachi leather shorts, Prada knockoffs.
photo #2: gucci shirt (as background), sunglasses vintage, various jewellery, strawberry lip balm by the rosebud perfume company, marc jacobs ginger perfume.